February 18, 2012
$.getjson problem on IE

I don’t mean to support IE everytime I create some pages (don’t even think about Safari, what was the other one…oprah? again no offense. BTW, opera is great browser which obeys the standards and always asks people to love it). Ok, it was just thought. Many people(surprisingly!!) still use IE, or even earlier versions of IE, and they blame me because my thing breaks gracefully on IE.

Most people already know that IE caches ajax query, but there are few workarounds to get it working properly on IE. My blog is solely for my dev log so that I do not make the same exceptions(I do not use the term ‘error’ since my exceptions are usually fatal) next time.

1)not so great but easy fix. Add timestamp to url.

$.getJSON(“/some/”+value+”/”+Math.round(new Date().getTime()), function(){..}

2) $.ajax with cache: false

February 13, 2012
Failed to start Embedded Jetty in Azure



  -Java application on roles

  -master role runs embedded Jetty which is included to main jar 

  -runs Jetty with org.eclipse.jetty.server.Server


  -Jetty starting process chokes while it tries to extract web application to Azure’s Temp directory (\Resources\Temp.…)

  -http://bit.ly/y5bZYl : unpack() -> File extractedWebAppDir = null;


  -google (as always)


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January 14, 2012
Jquery Ajax problem on IE9

Working on some nodejs project..never tried to run it on IE, and obviously something did not look right on IE (ALWAYS!!! :p)Sorry MS for BSing your great internet browser. I know it is my crappy code that caused this problem.


I did not have ‘cache’ & ‘async’ in my ajax request.

after adding them, everything works fine.

    async: false,
    cache: false,
    type: "get",
    dataType: "application/json"
        //do something        
        //do nothing

January 11, 2012
somewhere in south Africa

somewhere in south Africa

January 11, 2012
Resizing multiple iFrames in a page

not a big fan of iframe..really..

don’t even know why I’m using iframes right now..can’t think of better way..

current take:

get window size, reduce it to 80%, setInterval 

in my crappy code:

$(document).ready( function() {

    setInterval(setIframeSize, 5);


function setIframeSize() {



swear I will remove iframes later on with all ajaxed single page

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January 10, 2012
pho for dinner

pho for dinner

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January 10, 2012
Spring Security filters do not work on RequestDispatchers

ahhh, ohhh, woooo

good to know


so I’m using jstl/core instead..

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January 10, 2012
first post to tumblr for testing

first post to tumblr for testing

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